BL60 Kunlun

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English Name:BL60-kunlun
Big and High

Naming Convention:
“Kunlun”, which originally means the name of a famous mountain in the western part of China, here refers to something big and high. The location of the point is posteroinferior to the external malleolus, a prominent feature of the local anatomy of the lateral leg. Also, it is indicated in head problems, the head being the highest part of the body, hence the name Kunlun (Big and High).

In the depression between the external malleolus and the tendo calcaneus.

Clinical Applications:
Headache and stiffness of the neck (combine with Fengchi (GB20) and Tianzhu (BL10)).
Lumbosacral pain (combine with Shenshu (BL23)).
Blurring of vision.
Shoulder, hip and lower back pain.
Swelling and pain of the heel (combine with Daling (PC7)).
Difficult labour.
Retention of the placenta.

Activate blood circulation.
Alleviate swelling and pain.
Relax the tendons.
Strengthen the lower back and knees.