BL62 Shenmai

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English Name:BL62-shenmai
Relaxing Meridian

Naming Convention:
“Shen” means to stretch or to relax. “Mai” refers to the blood vessels and the meridians. This point has the effect to relax the tendons, soothe the lumbar area and promote blood circulation. After stimulation, the meridians are regulated and the muscles relaxed. Hence the name Shenmai (Relaxing Meridian).

In the depression directly below the lower border of the external malleolus.

Clinical Applications:
Soreness and pain of the lower extremities.
Occipital headache, dizziness and vertigo (combine with Yamen (GV15) and Dazhui (GV14)).
Dizziness with blurring of vision.
Epilepsy (combine with Fengfu (GV16), Baihui (GV20) and Taodao (GV13)).
Malposition of fetus.