Why Herbalogy?

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“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, wrote Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

Significant advancements in science, medicine and food technology has shaped how society look at herbs. While much benefits have been enjoyed from these developments, taking an isolated view instead of treating herbs as tasty, delicious and health-benefiting foods has dampened the acceptance and adaptation of herbs in our daily lives.

As with all elements, whether prescribed drugs, OTCs, herbs or even the food you consume daily, consumption and application with a reasonable degree of common sense. Herbal remedies and recipes offer a safe and effective form of home help. The proper use of herbs can in fact avoid using conventional drugs which quite often give rise to risks of harsh side effects. It is also widely known that conventional drugs often work by controlling or “suppressing” the symptoms, rather than treating the source of the problem.

Nevertheless, not every herbs are suitable for everyone or at every stage of life. For instance, infant to toddler phases and pregnancy would demand a more cautious and disciplined application. Total abstinence might even be necessary. As mentioned earlier, one should always know what one consumes instead of being the “human incinerator”. Pay attention to your body, even for the slightest signal.

Using common sense (again), one should always undergo a proper and thorough diagnosis of medical conditions before deciding on which treatment path to adopt.

Irrespective of whatever methods, obtaining the best results out of any forms of treatment entails an 80:20 cooperation between patient and healer, doctor or specialist. The patients’ level of responsibility, commitment and discipline will be the deciding factor of complete or significant recovery or otherwise.

The essence of 10minutehealthtips.com is basically to return to the origin for healing – be it from the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. It is also undeniable that spiritual guidance (which is always above religions) can be the answer to complete healing.

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